As a survival enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality emergency food supplies. That’s why I was excited to try the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals Military 2022 Bulk. These US Military Grade meals are designed for use in survival kits, hurricane preparedness items, and as emergency food supplies for first responders, law enforcement, and NGOs. In this review, I’ll discuss the design, quality, features, and functionality of these MREs, as well as compare them to similar products on the market.

Purpose and Key Features

The XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals Military 2022 Bulk is designed to provide portable, balanced nutrition for those who need it most. Each case contains 24 rations with 6 menu options, providing 1,200 to 1,500 calories of nourishment per meal. These meals have a long shelf life, are lightweight, and come in a specially designed, tamper-proof, waterproof pouch. The MREs also come with a flameless ration heater, so no water or refrigeration is needed.

Design and Quality

The design of the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals is straightforward and functional. Each meal is pre-packaged with utensils in a portable pouch, making it easy to transport and consume on the go. The quality of the MREs is generally good, although some users have reported minor issues with packaging and quality control.

In-Depth Analysis of Features and Functionality

The XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals provide an impressive range of features and benefits for users:

  • Flameless Ration Heater: The included flameless ration heater makes it easy to heat the meals without any additional equipment, although it requires more water than military-grade heaters.
  • Balanced Nutrition: These MREs offer diverse, nutrient-rich menus that are fully cooked and can be eaten right out of the pouch.
  • Long Shelf Life: The meals have a guaranteed 3-year extended shelf life with proper storage, making them an excellent option for emergency preparedness.

However, some users have noted that these MREs lack certain extras found in military versions, such as coffee and condiments, which affects their overall value.

Comparison with Similar Products

When compared to other MREs on the market, the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals offer several advantages:

  • Higher Quality: The XMRE 1300XT meals have been praised for their freshness and overall taste compared to military surplus MREs.
  • Better Flameless Ration Heater: The flameless ration heater included with these MREs is considered superior to those in military MREs, although it requires more water to use.

Despite these advantages, the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals are somewhat overpriced compared to the competition, and some users have reported issues with quality control.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality nourishment
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Flameless ration heater included
  • Long shelf life


  • Overpriced compared to similar products
  • Lacks extras found in military versions
  • Some quality control issues reported

Comparable Products and Why XMRE 1300XT is Better

While there are many MREs on the market, the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals stand out due to their higher quality, better flameless ration heater, and longer shelf life. However, their higher price point may deter some buyers.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Many users have reported positive experiences with the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals, praising their taste, freshness, and overall quality. Some users have even noted that these meals taste as good or better than military surplus MREs. One user, who had to rely on these MREs for two weeks due to financial difficulties, reported that they didn’t experience the digestive issues often associated with military MREs.

However, some users have mentioned the lack of extras like coffee and condiments as a downside, as well as occasional quality control issues with packaging. Overall, the majority of users are satisfied with their purchase and would recommend the XMRE 1300XT MRE Meals to others.

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