What is Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply?

Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply (60 Food & Drink Servings) is a 100% real freeze-dried survival food kit designed to last for 25 years, making it perfect for emergency situations, camping, or any other situation where non-perishable food is required. This comprehensive kit offers 6 different varieties of food and drinks, adding up to 8,280 calories and lasting 5+ days in a survival situation. The meals are sourced from farms and companies in the USA and manufactured according to the highest standards.

Design and Quality: Built to Last

The Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply is designed to be durable, portable, and water-resistant. Each meal is individually sealed in Mylar foil pouches, ensuring that the food remains protected from water damage. The entire kit is stored in a stackable, lightweight bucket that can be easily transported during an emergency.

Key Features and Functionality: Nutritious and Easy to Prepare

The Heaven’s Harvest kit utilizes a chemical-free freeze-drying process that locks in nutrients and freshness, making it easy to serve the meals by simply adding water, even without heat. The kit includes various entrees such as Pasta Alfredo, Multi-Grain Cereal, Orange Drink, Cheesy Potato Soup, and Mac n Cheese. With a 25-year shelf life, you can trust that your emergency food supply will remain secure for decades.

Comparison with Similar Products

The Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply sets itself apart from similar products with its 100% real freeze-dried food, 25-year shelf life, and American-sourced ingredients. While other emergency food kits may offer similar meal varieties, the quality and longevity of the Heaven’s Harvest kit make it a superior choice.

Pros and Cons


  1. 25-year shelf life
  2. High-quality, American-sourced ingredients
  3. Durable, portable, and water-resistant packaging
  4. Easy meal preparation with just water
  5. Wide variety of meal options


  1. Requires a significant amount of water for meal preparation

Genuine User Experiences and Testimonials

Users have praised the Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply for its quality, taste, and ease of preparation. Many customers found the meals to be more than edible and appreciated the clear preparation instructions. Some users noted that they would prefer individual serving packets rather than multi-serving pouches, but overall, the product received positive reviews.

Tips and Tricks for Users

  1. To maximize the life of the food, store the bucket in a cool, dry place.
  2. If you need to ration your water supply, only use half the required water and contents for each meal, saving the other half for later.
  3. Add canned protein sources, such as tuna or beef, to increase the nutritional value of the meals.

FAQ Section

Q: Can the meals be eaten cold?

A: While the meals can technically be eaten cold, it is recommended to use hot water for the best taste and texture.

Q: Do the meals contain artificial preservatives?

A: No, the Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply is made without chemical additives or artificial preservatives.

Q: How many servings are in each pouch?

A: Each pouch contains 6 servings, with a total of 60 servings in the entire kit.

Conclusion: A Reliable and Nutritious Emergency Food Option

The Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply is a reliable and nutritious option for those seeking a long-lasting, non-perishable food supply. With its 25-year shelf life, American-sourced ingredients, and easy meal preparation, this kit offers peace of mind and security for emergency situations or outdoor adventures. While the need for a significant amount of water for meal preparation may be a drawback for some, the overall quality and variety of meals make this product stand out among competitors.

We recommend the Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Supply for anyone seeking a reliable, high-quality emergency food supply with a long shelf life. Whether you are preparing for potential disasters, going on a camping trip, or simply want a backup food supply, this kit is an excellent investment for you and your family.

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